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P.A. CUSTOM FURNITURE offers a wide range of services.  We specialize in custom Home/Office furniture . We also offer services like consulting and design of customer work space complete with digital drawings of concepts. Other services include moving and repair of existing furniture.

How to start the process

First things first!  Just like walking we got to put one foot in font of the other. In other words every creation starts with a vision! We first need to understand your needs and your wants. So dont worry we been doing custom furniture for sometime now so trust us when we say its not that difficult. We will send a qualified carpenter to your location to measure and answer any questions. We will then design your furniture according to your specifications in digital format for visual inspection and "qweaking" before the design is fabricated. 

High Quality material

We only use the highest quality material for our furniture. Higher quality means durability and functionality. We will make exceptions if our customers feel the need. We offer our customers all options but would advise of the higher quality material. Customer service is our highest respect.

Keep In Mind

P.A. Custom furniture gives a 5 year warranty on all parts and materials. so if anything were to fail we will replace at no charge.

Stay woke

New furniture designs are always  been  created so  if you dont have a vision of your own we have templates of designs  we have already fabricated.  Ask your PA CUSTOM FURNITURE rep.


Customers ask:

Time frame:  1 month usually